Maintenance Tips For A Clean And Hygienic Pool

Owning a pool could be fun, but it not without its maintenance woes. The task of keeping your pool sparkling clean and hygienic for everyday use could be a horrendous task. Routine cleaning can prevent emergency repairs on your pool. Moreover, it saves hassles of running to the hardware store for supplies of additives or chemicals. With regular maintenance, you can save loads of money on repairs in the long run. The assistance of best in ground pool cleaner is the way to go about the problem. The dangers of swimming in an unclean pool can lead to health issues as elaborated on Preventive maintenance reduces the lifecycle cost and protects your family from diseases.

Tips to keep your pool clean and disease free
· The pH of the pool has to be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8, and anything lower would mean less chlorine. The higher the pH, the lower the chlorine level. At 7.0 pH it is 50% active, and with pH 8.0 it is 10% active. To control the pH levels, you need to use lesser chlorine.
· Weekly cleaning of the skimmer basket is necessary. It is placed on the sides of the swimming pool, and its role is to shave the pool surface of contaminants and debris. These tend to move down once they become saturated. Everything that enters the pool has to be removed while they are on the top. On the deck there is access panel, just open up to dump the contents when required. The contents have to be cleaned regularly.
· Ahead of the pool pump, there is a lint and hair pot; this has to be cleaned regularly. This can be cleaned by turning off the pump and releasing the pressure. Inside the clear glass pool pump, you can find a basket, clean this once in two weeks. For other models, the leaf basket or the debris catcher needs to be cleaned. Upgrade to 2-speed pump for efficient removal
· Always check the water level. The level has to be central to the pool tool or pool skimmer for best results and performance. If it goes below the level, the pump can run dry and burn up. If it is too high, the skimmer door tends to malfunction. The role of the door is to keep the debris in the skimmer.
· Pools that come with inline chlorinator or deck color needs to be checked regularly. Regularly check for proper loading and clogging. Based on the style, there is a need to maintain chlorine balance.
· If you have an ozonator ensure the light is kept on all the time. The UV and the ozone combined can reduce the chlorine level in the pool. There are many types available, and each has different installation process and instructions. Read the manual to understand the features.
· For salt pool or chlorine generator pool, the unit is designed to supply chlorine, and there is no need to buy and install it separately. It is pricey and is not free from risks. The cells must be clean, and the pool chemistry is critical for its proper functioning. The salt system works to push the pH up, and in this case, you tend to add more acid. The unit is expensive but can give you an amazing pool experience.

Keep the temperature constant can enhance your enjoyment in the pool. Understand the pool chemistry for a great experience.